Benfield Research, A Division of Gallagher Benefits Services, Inc.
Employer Market Trends Report

Available Summer 2020

For 16 years GRI has been conducting this research to track, study, and predict employee health management activity and challenges in the self-insured employer market. The Employer Market Trends report includes insights from 103 jumbo employers (5,000+ employees) and 28 leading employer health coalitions, exploring health benefit topics such as:

  • Prescription Drug Formularies & Exclusion Lists
  • Alternate Rx Contracting Models
  • Biologics & Biosimilars
  • Copay Accumulator Adjustment Programs
  • Worksite Health Clinics
  • Disease State Priorities
  • Value-Focused Initiatives
  • Employer Segmentation Model
  • Coalition Group Rx Purchasing


New topics for 2020 include: Top conditions impacting productivity; PBM contract allowance for specialty carve-outs, direct-to-manufacturer contracting, drug additions to/removals from standard formulary; financial impact of formulary customizations; identification of low value Rx/services; biosimilar management and adoption barriers; impact of new IRS guidelines on HSA preventive care coverage.

Customers utilize this report for strategy development, market assessment, product/service alignment, and to better understand the demands being placed on employer purchasers. Findings can be applied to showcase product value using research and outcomes data valued by employers and coalitions.

A purchase of the 2020 Trends Report includes:

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